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Lutheran Counseling & Family Services of Wisconsin

First and foremost, we are glad that you are here whether you are just surfing our website, or here to inquire about services. Whatever the case, we are here to serve your needs. Lutheran Counseling & Family Services of Wisconsin (LCFS) is a non-profit, state licensed outpatient mental health care agency and adoption service provider, serving the State of Wisconsin. Our licensed therapists and psychologists provide counseling to children, individuals, and families regardless of race, ethnic background, or religious affiliation.

We provide home study services for families hoping to grow through domestic and international adoptions or to unify through stepparent adoptions. We also provide educational presentations ranging from one hour to half day programs.

If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing our site, please call us at 800-291-4513.

A Brief History

1896 - Orphanages in the Milwaukee area were so overcrowded that there were many homeless and dependent children who were not properly cared for, putting them at risk for bodily and spiritual harm. Pastors and laymen in the Milwaukee area saw the need for orphaned, neglected and dependent children to be cared for by Christian families instead of institutions. On June 8, 1896 the Evangelical Lutheran Kinderfreund Society of Wisconsin was created to help these children.

1924 - A new Children's Receiving Home was constructed at 8138 Harwood Avenue in Wauwatosa and a west wing was added in 1926.

1941 - Our name changed to Lutheran Children's Friend Society of Wisconsin to better reflect the advancement of the organization. Some of the changes included providing casework service to children who were orphaned, dependent, neglected, or delinquent.

1959 - A Residential Treatment Center opened to care for emotionally disturbed children followed by a Counseling Center in 1965.

1987 - Our name changed to Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of Wisconsin.

PRESENT - Today we offer Christian Counseling for children, individuals and families, alcohol and drug abuse counseling for teens and adults, and adoption services. Our newest venture is addressing the need for a variety of clinical interventions for our nations growing geriatric communities. We realize that the baby boomer generation will have very different demands as they age, as compared to previous generations. In other words, after 116 years we are still here attempting to meet the most crucial needs of Wisconsin society. Please feel free to join us in our future by volunteering, rendering your financial support, or referring others to our services.